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Fortier Danse Creations | Solo 70

Solo 70

In his final performance, Paul-André Fortier with perform Solo 70. His international career is certainly something to be celebrated!

"Here is a man who has danced, and who dances still. A man whose body has lived fully, and who carries on, pursuing a formal aesthetic.  His aura is nearly mythological, and the depth of his experience reaches into his very soul. Inviting the younger generation into his world - a writer, an actor, a punk guitarist, and others - he asks them to accompany and nourish him, yet also challenge him, pushing him into the unknown and beyond. The world is changing, as is he: style, tastes, questions and concerns. In response, what is important is to converse, to move, to sing, to debate, to sweat, and of course, to dance. And dance again. Always and forever. As if for the very first time. As if for the very last time. This encounter could suggest alarming conflicts, but also surprising points of contact. A clash of conventions and languages in search of a common goal. Expect neither retrospective, nor exegesis: only an indestructible desire to ensure that creativity and its conventions change with the times, and that they leave nothing behind but the burning embers of the present." – Étienne Lepage

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