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Attakkalari | Bhinna Vinyasa

Bhinna Vinyasa

Bhinna Vinyasa explores metaphysical journeys prompted by internal and external forces resulting in profound changes in the lives of individuals and communities. Mapping the fractured fragments of dreams, desires, hopes and stark realities in the context of rapid and often unplanned urbanization, environmental shifts and migration, Bhinna Vinyasa will lead you through an immersed visceral experience.

Celebrated in India and across Europe as a powerful expression of virtuality, this international coproduction (India, Germany and Italy), brings a contemporary art point-of- view from the IT capital of the world (Bangalore) to Edmonton on its first North American tour.

Both the auditory and visual aspects explored a certain stillness, evoking powerful silence and poise. And while the artists broke the definitive barriers of form and genre, it was a truly aesthetic performance.” – Deccan Herald