Risk It! We Dare You.

Dear Friends,

It's Fall 2019 and the BWDC is about to begin its 41st season - I’m excited! I think we have an amazing group of artists, and I really hope you’ll attend this year’s array of Canadian talent.

It’s very moving to me when artists embrace a theme and drive the dance form toward new genres. The first two artists of the season, in very individual ways, do just that.

Champion Vogue dancer Ralph Escamillan is bringing his unique style to the Theatre Lab in Allard Hall. His one-man show HINKYPUNK breaks many boundaries and offers a compelling view of diversity. Ralph is also one hell of a fine dancer!

The week after, we present Van Grimde Corps Secrets’ EVE 2050. You may recognize this company from previous presentations in Edmonton. The Body In Question and Symphonie 5.1 both chartered new territory in dance creation and in audience experiences. EVE 2050 will take the audience into a virtual world, a world of the near future where the human will be challenged. One of the collaborators on the show is Edmonton artist Marilene Oliver.

These two presentations really epitomize the adventure of the new. New genres, new states of being, new dance performance.

Ralph Escamillan | HINKYPUNK | Oct. 11 & 12 | Theatre Lab | Allard Hall

Van Grimde Corps Secrets | EVE 2050 | Oct. 18 & 19 | Triffo Theatre | Allard Hall

The rest of the season will captivate you as well. I am confident to say that the BWDC 41st season is our most engaging, provocative and entertaining.


Warmest Regards,


Ross Bragg