The Liminal - the threshold from one state to another

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Dear Friends,

I am very excited to be back in the studio working on THE LIMINAL, my new collaboration with Gary James Joynes. It's so inspiring to be with the ensemble, Lin Snelling, Nancy Sandercock, Ben Gorodetsky and Brennan Campbell. The five of us are working really well together, building performance scores that explore, what I think, is a most beautiful word.

LIMINAL is being on the threshold from one state to another.

LIMINAL is neither here nor there.

LIMINAL is like being at the coastline: it is always moving with the tides: it can not be fixed.

THE LIMINAL is a work that is striving to find space in an empty theatre; that is working to build new connections between the organic body and new technologies.

I can't think of a better artist to be collaborating with than Gary. He brings a wealth of knowledge regarding the potential connections between the voice and electronic media. It's truly inspiring.

When I watch my ensemble members, I am blown away. Lin is an amazing storyteller. Nancy brings a disarming vulnerability. Ben is open to every adventure, and Brennan is immediate, always there, ready for the next impetus. And, what do I bring to this performance arena (at the age of 68)?!  I work to be authentic, to stay in the here and now, and to celebrate this adventure.

It's too early to know exactly what you'll experience, but I'm most confident that it will be a real adventure. THE LIMINAL will take you from a place of emptiness, to a place of potential, to a place of real intimacy. It's the theatre, the empty stage, where one man walks in and it's immediately transformed!

I really hope you will join us on this adventure of the new, where we all join forces to connect to this ancient place of ritual, catharsis and spirituality.

I am most grateful to the Canada Council for the Arts and The Dianne and Irving Kipnes Foundation for their generous support of THE LIMINAL.

THE LIMINAL | June 13 & 14 | Triffo Theatre, Allard Hall  | 8 pm

I'm thrilled for the BWDC to be celebrating its 40th Anniversary at MacEwan University where we started all those years ago! I'm always reminded that the arts are created from a community, for a community. Our community is Edmonton.

Warmest Regards,

Ross Bragg