One Weekend, Two Presentations, Three Dates

Dear Friends!

I am having an amazing time rehearsing for Usha Gupta's dance that will premiere at the beginning of June. KHOJ is going to be pretty spectacular! I've been sitting in on rehearsals as the dramaturge for the piece.

The ensemble of dancers is really amazing. Everyone of them offers something unique and beautiful, but what is really something, is how they meld into an ensemble. This is especially obvious in a section that follows a very traditional concept, and yet it feels so contemporary. It's called BAITHOK, and is an improvisation in which the dancers play, compete and encourage each other to push their rhythmic prowess. It's similar to B-boying. The cypher, or circle, is alive with play and wildly individual dancing.

It always comes down to the dancing. That's how we enter the dance and find meaning. Indian dance is fused to the music, and KHOJ is going to boast a music ensemble of eight powerful players.

I'm really encouraging you to attend this final presentation in the Brian Webb Dance Company's 39th Season. I guarantee you will be as bowled over as I have been with these very fine dance and music artists.

I also want to remind you of the Sunday, June 3 matinee performance. Three of the artists, Anuj Mishra, Souvik Chabraborty and local dancer Riya Mittal, will perform a program of classical Kathak solos. Anuj and Souvik are stars of the form, performing all over the world.

So, the first weekend of June is going to be a spectacular celebration of South Asian dance created here in our community by Usha Gupta and her collaborators.

I guarantee you will love it!

Ross Bragg