A special summer performance - PLACE


Dear Friends!

I am very excited to be able to offer you a special summer performance - PLACE.

Brian Webb Dance Company was selected as the only Edmonton arts organization to receive an Alberta Foundation for the Arts 25th Anniversary Commemorative Arts Project. We are performing it on August 9 & 10 at the new Theatre Lab at MacEwan University's Allard Hall.

I'm very excited to announce the creative team for this project. I am joined by legendary Edmonton filmmaker, Kyle Armstrong, and composer, Mark Templeton. To be able to create a new work with them is a true joy.

PLACE is about growing up on the flat prairie near the Drumheller Badlands. It reveals the pleasures of that stark landscape and its contrast with the Red Deer River Canyon. It tells of a young boy's bicycle rides on country roads that seemed to lead toward an infinitely distant landscape, and the mysteries of searching for petrified dinosaur bones and of buffalo jumps. It asks why these memories stay inside the body and be defined as home even after leaving it behind decades ago.

We three collaborators travelled there to let its mystery wash over us. What we found was a bit of a shock - a town almost lost in time, a landscape so full of minimalist dignity and a church pristinely maintained.

PLACE is an Albertan story. It celebrates the geography, the people, the sense of place that says: I AM HOME!

Please join us as we celebrate the impact the Alberta Foundation for the Arts has had on the development of the arts in our provincial community.


August 9 & 10 at 8 PM
The Theatre Lab
Allard Hall, MacEwan University

Tickets $35 Regular $25 Student/Senior
available at the door
For reservations call the BWDC at 780.452.3282

I'm looking forward to dancing for you as we get ready to announce our 40th Anniversary Season. I hope you're having as great a summer as I am.

Warmest Regards,

Ross Bragg