Attakkalari - Bhinna Vinyasa

Dear Friends,

Ten years ago I met Jayachandran Palazhy and was introduced to his company, Attakkalari. It was obvious to me that he is a man with a vision! Since that time, Jay has toured his company all over the world, and finally they are in Canada with their piece,Bhinna Vinyasa.

Attakkalari is from Bangalore, India. Bangalore is the IT capital of India and much of the world, but it is also a centre for the arts in India. There the traditional lives alongside a very contemporary view of the world. Artists are using technology in most extraordinary ways. Virtual reality has a place in the artistic expression of this thriving scene.

Bhinna Vinyasa is a spectacular ensemble dance that lives in a virtual world. Eight dancers interact with a visual and sound environment that is luscious and dramatic. It has been described as a spectacle where time and space are elasticized resulting in a new configuration of both the individual and the collective.

One of the things that always draws me to South Asian arts is the relationship to the metaphysical. It is there and it is never apologized for. Bhinna Vinyasa explores these themes with such rich layering of realities. It is a grand voyage.

A co-production of the Fabbrica Europa Festival, Bhinna Vinyasa will perform in Montreal, Mexico City, Halifax, Madrid and then Edmonton - in that order! I am very excited to invite you to this adventure of the new, this dive into virtual reality, this celebration of creativity from a point-of-view different than the North American reality.

I can't think of a better way for the Brian Webb Dance Company to celebrate its 40th season than to introduce us all to a fresh experience.

What can I say?
Let's celebrate!
Let's experience virtual reality in contemporary art from all over the world.

Attakkalari | Bhinna Vinyasa | Oct 5 & 6 | Triffo Theatre, Allard Hall | 8 pm

Warmest Regards,


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Ross Bragg