Welcome to the BWDC’c 41st Season of creating, performing and presenting contemporary dance in Edmonton.


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Allard Hall | Theatre Lab | 8 pm

HINKYPUNK is an unidentified identity – an archetype, a hero, the unreachable.
HINKYPUNK is the idolized/idealized version of the self, a distant mirage of the here and now.
HINKYPUNK is the most real that real can get. HINKYPUNK is the glamorous façade leading the
construction of cultural identity.
HINKYPUNK is the faceless face we look for and who
shapes what we become.
HINKYPUNK is a 50-minute solo dance work that is based on the notion of how identity is conflated with iconography and pop culture.


eVE 2050

Allard Hall | Triffo Theatre | 8 pm

Eight performers of diverse origins make their way through an immersive, interactive environment that evokes a connected humanity, where multiple possibilities coexists: genetic mutations, cohabitation of human and artificial intelligences, dreams of immortality, digital survival… Driven by reflections on the advances being made in AI, this concluding part of the Eve 2050 project points to the advent of a new species, a new take on the eternal question of our place in the mystery of the cosmos.

"Eve 2050 is first and foremost an experiment, with a capital E. With its way of engaging almost intimately with the audience, this interactive piece offers a unique experience for each spectator." - Émilie Plante - Pieuvre

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Allard Hall | Triffo Theatre | 8 pm

Epilogos: The point in a speech where the reader attempts to build an emotional response from the Audience.

“Rhetoric then may be defined as the faculty of discovering the possible means of persuasion in reference to any subject whatever.” ― Aristotle, Rhetoric

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Allard Hall | Triffo Theatre | 8 pm

Eunoia is Christian Bök’s award-winning and bestselling book of conceptual poetry. It is built on the notion of constraining language to one vowel per chapter and tells stories in ways that are as pleasurable as they are ingenious. Denise Fujiwara’s adaptation of the book is a multimedia experience of dance, video, music and costume that employs similar constraints in such inventive ways that it has resulted in a ground-breaking performance lauded by audiences and critics alike.

From Chapter E:

"Enfettered, these sentences repress free speech. The text deletes selected letters. We see the revered exegete reject metred verse: the sestet, the tercet - even les scenes élevées en grec. He rebels. He sets new precedents. He lets cleverness exceed decent level."

- Excerpted from Euonia, by Christian Bök